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Image Processing

IMAGE RESTORATION is the step taken by Public Relations to improve the image and reputation of a company that has been threatened in the eyes of the public due to a bad public perception of the company.
IMAGE ENHANCEMENT is the process of obtaining an image that is easier to interpret by the human eye (Human Visual System/HVS). This process is one of the initial processes in image processing (image preprocessing). To improve the quality of the image enhancement process, it is better to manipulate the image in the frequency domain.
IMAGE REGISTRATION is a map registration by calculating the coordinates on the layer and automatically transferring the information.
IMAGE COMPRESSION is a process to minimize the number of bits that represent an image so that the image data size becomes smaller. Basically, image compression techniques are used in the process of data transmission (data transmission) and data storage (data storage). Image compression is widely applied to television broadcasting, remote sensing, military communications, radar, teleconferencing, medical imaging, and others.
IMAGE SEGMENTATION is the process of partitioning a digital image into several regions. The aim is to: divide the image into several homogeneous regions (Region of Interest (ROI)) based on certain similarity criteria, simplify or change the image representation into something more meaningful and easy to analyze.

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